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Matt Williams Consulting is a boutique web marketing firm specializing in web development, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.

picture-of-matt-williamsMatt Williams has over a decade of experience obtaining top search engine rankings for manufacturing firms and other companies throughout the United States.  He is a leading expert on Search Engine Optimization and has taught courses on SEO, web analytics, website development, and social network marketing at several colleges and universities in Northeast Ohio.  Most importantly, though, he has obtained top search engine rankings for numerous clients.  Those clients are standing by to attest to the value and effectiveness of the work performed by Matt Williams and his team.

By remaining focused its core competencies, the Matt Williams Consulting team has been successful in providing excellent value to clients across various industries from retail to manufacturing to professional services.  Marketing Return on Investment (ROI) is the hook on which Matt Williams Consulting hangs its hat.  Entrepreneur John Wanamaker is credited with the saying, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."  The professionals at Matt Williams Consulting understand how difficult it can be to ascertain where marketing professionals should allocate precious resources.  By focusing on low-risk/high-reward strategies and spends, Matt Williams Consulting is able to tease the maximum return out of your marketing investment.


Matt Williams is the founder and president of Matt Williams Consulting.  He holds a BA in Interpersonal & Public Communication (summa cum laude) from The University of Akron.  He is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Navy, where he studied in the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power Program.  Matt also holds a Master in Public Administration from The University of Akron along with the Ray C. Bliss Graduate Certificate in Applied Politics.  In addition to his master's degree, he has completed extensive graduate coursework in political science, marketing, and e-business.

Matt is active in his community and has been a candidate for countywide elected office.  He is a co-founder of New Faculty Majority: The National Coalition for Adjunct & Contingent Equity as well as the New Faculty Majority Foundation.  As vice president of New Faculty Majority and a director to the New Faculty Majority Foundation, Matt is frequently quoted in the higher ed press and popular media on issues concerning the plight of adjunct and contingent faculty in the United States.

Matt Williams has served as chief marketing officer for several small businesses, and retains this role for several past employers, as owner and principal consultant with Matt Williams Consulting.




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